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Somfy Telis 4 patio roll shutter remote

Telis 4 Patio Remote (5 Channel)

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Somfy Telis 4 Patio roll shutter remote. 5-channel handheld control. Compatible with all Somfy RTS motors. Ideally used for controlling exterior/outdoor motorized Somfy products, this single-channel wireless Somfy RTS remote provides control for either one individual motor or a group motorized application. Both water shock-resistant this remote will be there for you when you need it.
Maximum 65 ft Range.
Radio Frequency: 433,42 MHz.

Simplified Control

  • Control one individual or one group of motorized products.
  • Compatibility with the full range of Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) controls and accessories.
  • Allows operation of motorized applications.

Brave the Elements

  • Perfect for control of outdoor motorized solutions.
  • Provides water and shock resistance.
  • The blue and white finish is ideal for the outdoors.


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