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Shipping Policy

When shipment of the product is being provided by us, the following restrictions of shipments are required.

  • All items of the shipment must be inspected upon arrival. Any damages that are not reported immediately cannot be covered under the shipment warranty; hidden damages must be reported immediately upon identification.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to request any additional warranty on the product(s) before the shipment is scheduled for pick up.
  • If the delivery attempt requires the delivery person to wait in excess of 15 minutes, you agree that additional charges may apply.
  • Shipment is over (250cm) or 8ft will have additional surcharges applied to the freight amount.
  • Shipments over 450cm (15ft) will require special shipping charges and instructions.
  • All deliveries will be attempted between 8:00AM and 4:00PM local time. If those times are not suitable to your “ship to” location, specific instructions must be provided before your shipment is scheduled, and additional charges may apply.
  • The shipment must delivered to an authorized business address.
  • Residential delivery available upon request and is subject to extra fees.
  • Oversized orders; a pallet will be provided with your order. You are responsible to have sufficient vehicles and/or tools at time of drop-off to accommodate the removal of the shipment from the transport vehicle.


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