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plugs cover buttons 3/8" hole

Plug Buttons (Fits 3/8" Hole)

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Cover up roll shutter mounting holes in style with colour-matched plug buttons. Round metal and plastic cover plug buttons are designed to fit a 3/8" hole. Available in 4 colours; White, Silver, Beige, and Black.

These plug buttons do the important job of covering up pre-drill holes in the shutters's guide rails which are used to secure surface-mounted rolling shutters to the mounting surface. Without these plug buttons, the fasteners would be visible and accessible, and may also allow weather to enter through the holes and into the guide rails.

Larger sizes are available upon request. Please bear in mind that the size of the hole you're trying to plug will be the nominal size of the plug. A 3/8" hole, will require a 3/8" plug.

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you may have! 

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