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About Us

Tired of break-ins?

We are the ultimate security solution for you!

Canada’s leading roll shutter supplier & installer of custom commercial grade security shutters. Proudly serving commercial and residential market since 2009. 

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, assembled in Canada and distributed across North America. We guarantee a precise fit, superior product quality and outstanding customer service.

No project is too big or too small for Security Shutter LTD.

Considerate of your specific needs first, our project managers are solution driven and own the results.

Whether you are looking to secure your rapidly developing business or to add a serious layer of protection for your home or automate and shade your cosy backyard oasis, we guarantee to have the right product that will meet your requirements every time. Protect your business, secure your valuables and guard against burglars & vandals. 

Our security roll shutter systems will serve you for decades and benefit your day to day living. Have the peace of mind you deserve, secure your home and business today. Trusted, tested and proven security solutions for all of your commercial and residential needs.



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