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Hood Assembly - Aluminum roll shutter panel

Hood Assembly - Box Housing

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Roll Shutter Box Housing, or Hood Assembly, is where the moving parts of the shutter are contained when the shutter is in the open position. Comprises a 2-part, upper panel, and a lower panel made from aluminum pre-fabricated sheets that create an enclosure for the moving parts of a shutter.

The upper and lower panels are bent into shape and have notches to ensure they clip together uniformly where they meet. Typically the upper panel remains stationary and riveted to the end-caps at each end of the rolling shutter, and holds within it the axle and other operating components of the rolling shutter. The lower panel clips into a seam at the top of the upper panel, and swings into a closed-box configuration to create the protective assembly around the shutter components; fastened at each end cap with screws. The lower panel is typically removed to perform service on your roller shutter.

Though these box assemblies are not waterproof, they are necessary when mounting shutters on the exterior of a building whether your project be a commercial, or residential application. The box assembly keeps debris away from the coiling parts of the roller shutter and in the process keeps the roller shutter's curtain clean and free to travel with the pull of gravity. These are also recommended for interior applications to hide the moving parts and ensure your space's aesthetics are pleasing to the eye.

When ordering these hood assemblies it's best you give us a call to confirm details to ensure our replacement roll-shutter parts are compatible with your existing parts. 

Listed below are the standard sizes stocked and readily available. Different or custom sizes are available upon request.

  • 165mm [6 1/2”]
  • 180mm [7”]
  • 205mm [8”]
  • 230mm [9”]
  • 300mm [12”]

The size of the box assemblies depends on how thick in diameter your axle is, how thick your coiling shutter's slats are, and how tall in height your coiling shutter reaches. The taller the coiling shutter reaches in height, the more material has to coil up and around the axle and the larger your shutter box assembly must be.

The upper panel is what holds together the security shutter's integrity and can be extremely labour-intensive to replace. Essentially, if the security shutter's upper panel needs to be removed it means completely taking the shutter apart. 

If you'd like to know more about these hood/box assemblies or have any questions please reach out to our team for a consultation. 

Thank you for choosing Security Shutter Ltd. (SSL). We appreciate your attention and hope this information helps you make the right choice! Don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything else you need, we would a-DOOR to work with you.  

- The SSL Team

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