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Aluminum Guide Rails for roll shutters
Aluminum Guide Rail HTF 40
Aluminum Guide Rail HTF V 40 N
Aluminum Security Guide Rail with end retention
Heroal Guide Rail

Guide Rail

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All types of aluminum guide rail is stocked in 5.8 metre lengths (19 FT ) maximum. 

HTF Guide Rail

HTF standard guide rail type is commonly used with Protect System for residential and light duty commercial applications. 

HTF - 40 Guide Rail

HTF - 40 guide rail type has a deeper insertion channel than standard guide rail by 9/16 (14mm). Making the system more secure. Commonly used for large residential roll shutters and commercial applications.

HTF V40-N Guide Rail

Commercial grade, heavy duty guide rail. Commonly used with Security and Safe slat profiles for high security commercial and industrial applications. 

HTF Secure Guide Rail

The ultimate RC2 security system. End retention guide rail used for hurricane protection and high crime areas. Very strong wind resistance with limited curtain deflection. Compatible with Security Roll Shutter System - High Security (EF-0) slat profile.


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