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Aluminum Build-Out - Powder Coated Aluminum Square Tubing

Aluminum HSS Tubing | Pre-Finished (Build-Out)

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Cut to order, direct from the factory floor! Shipped to you, anywhere. Extruded aluminum HSS tubes are rectangular or square-shaped and come with square corners as standard. They all have a 3mm wall thickness, and come pre-finished in your choice of 5 standard colours; WHITE, SILVER, BEIGE, DARK-BROWN, AND BLACK, as well as BARE-METAL.

Custom colours are available upon request. These aluminum tubes can be used for a variety of applications even outside of custom shutter installations.

When it comes to mounting rolling shutters, they must have a solid, flat, and uniform surface to install onto to ensure smooth operation now, and for years to come. If you're planning on installing shutters and the site conditions are not ideal for directly mounting shutters onto, these aluminum tubes we like to call "Build-Out" go a long way to ensuring the success and longevity of your shutters.

Often if there are obstructions in the travel path of the shutter going up and/or down, for instance, a door handle or other door hardware that protrudes out away from the face of the door frame. This is the perfect example of where Build-Out would be installed to the door frame, and the shutter then mounted onto the buildout. Essentially sandwiching the buildout between the shutter and its intended mounting surface.

How big are our tubes you ask?? Don't worry they come in all sizes however, we believe it's how they're used that makes all the difference. See below for a breakdown.


ALL Tubes are cut to size, from the Stocked Length of 6m / (19.586')

ALL Tubes come with 2mm / ~(0.120") Wall Thickness

Standard DEPTH Sizes:

  • 10mm x 40mm [3/8" x 1,1/2"]
  • 20mm x 40mm [3/4" x 1,1/2"]
  • 30mm x 40mm [1,1/8" x 1,1/2"]
  • 50mm x 40mm [2" x 1,1/2"]
  • 100mm x 50mm [4" x 2"]

Don't see a size that works for you? Don't worry, CUSTOM SIZES AND COLOUR are available upon request!!

*When ordering tubes only, they do not come pre-drilled.

Thank you for choosing Security Shutter Ltd. (SSL). We appreciate your attention and hope this information helps you make the right choice! Don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything else you need, we would a-DOOR to work with you.  

- The SSL Team

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