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Security Roll Shutter Maintenance / Repair

If you have installed a Roll Shutter system, Security Shutter can offer a quarterly Maintenance Contract that gives you access to our on call technicians. Should you need any advice or attention to the system, we are just a phone call away. We aim to respond to right away, and will ensure that your system keeps running smoothly. 

We have a fully qualified team of technicians throughout Alberta and the surrounding areas who work in line with the standards set by Canadian Standards Association, Police Authorities, Educational Institutions, Local Fire & Civil, Defence Authorities, District Surveyors and HSE.

Preventative Maintenance for Security Roll Shutters

In order to comply with HSE standards, manufacturers recommendations and to ensure that the Security Roller Shutter remains reliable, it is vital that it is maintained regularly. 
Guidelines for Maintenance Schedules:
  • Up to 15 cycles per day (Every 6 Months)
  • Up to 30 cycles per day (Every 4 Months)
  • Up to 45 cycles per day (Every 3 Months)
  • Over 45 cycles per day (Every 2 Months)


Engineer Checklist

Listed below are some of the checks that are carried out by our engineers during a routine visit:

  • Inspect the support brackets and guides,
  • Inspection of the lifting cables and ferrules for wear and tear,
  • Checking and adjusting the balance of operation by re-tensioning springs or other counterbalance systems,
  • Removing and replacing any faulty moving parts,
  • Inspecting for damage to any parts of the door,
  • Checking that excessive force is not required to operate the door,
  • Checking all electrical components including switches and motors are operating correctly,
  • Checking all fixing bolts and fitting screws/bolts are tight,
  • Cleaning the faces of the doors and lubricating the track as required,
  • Checking operation of any shoot bolt/locks,
  • Cleaning any hand chains,
  • Checking safety devices are working correctly,
  • Checking that the door fully opens,
  • Adjusting limits as necessary,
  • Checking the operation of the lock cut out switch and the pass door cut out switch,
  • Checking the operation of the manual changeover system,
  • Checking spring balance when in manual mode,
  • Checking the operation of all controls and safety features,
  • Inspecting safety edge tubes and connections,
  • Checking and adjusting air switch,
  • Checking spiral cable for continuity,
  • Checking alignment of safety and activation beams,
  • Checking and adjusting all activation systems,
  • Checking that shutter is left fully operational when finished.


Maintenance Agreements

Security Shutter Ltd. is happy to undertake a Maintenance Contract for all systems regardless of who supplied or installed them. After hours repair and maintenance service not included in contract unless otherwise stated. We can agree a schedule that meets your requirements and budget and ensure the Security Roll Shutter meets the necessary legal safety and insurance requirements.

All our engineers are fully qualified to the latest standards and trained to take pride in their job- and always put the client first. Call us today 587-226-6611


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