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Telescopic bearing shaft for roll shutters

Telescopic Bearing Shaft Bolt

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The Telescoping Bearing Shaft is an integral and necessary roll shutter component that allows the smooth operation and movement of the coiling aspect of the rolling shutter. This part bears the weight of the curtain and is found on the non-operational side of the rolling shutter. Nestled within the axle, the shaft bolt telescopes in and out to be easily installed, and configured into position either in the shop, or on-site.

After several years of use these parts may need to be replaced due to wear and tear. This is especially true for LARGE and HEAVY rolling shutters and rolling doors as these items bear all the weight of the shutter's curtain. Whether it be a security shutter application, residential window shutter, or any other of the endless possibilities of applications that a rolling type shutter is being used for, you'll find these parts on every single one of them. 

The most common sizes are listed below, however it depends on the size of the axle for your specific rolling shutter. 

Shaft Bolt for 60mm

Shaft Bolt for 70mm

Smaller or larger sizes are available upon request. Additional cost and/or lead time may be applicable for sizes different than the list above.

The shaft bolts typically come with the accompanying BRACKET, which will mount onto the shutter's end cap and will do the very important job of supporting the bearing found at the outside end of the Shaft Bolt.

Ask for the 42mm Bearing Mount when ordering the new shaft bolt.

Mounting screws or rivets are not included with the purchase of these rolling shutter parts.

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