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curtain stopper

Universal Post-Type Stops (Pair)

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Post-type curtain stops can be used with a manual roll shutter only. These universal curtain stops are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware. Available in 4 Standard colours; WHITE, SILVER, BEIGE, and BLACK.

These Plug Stops do the important job of stopping the rolling shutter's curtain from coiling too far inside the box assembly of the shutter. Typically mounting onto the bottom slat or end-slat of the shutter with through bolts these stops work well for the following applications.

  • Manual Counter Balance Spring operated rolling shutters
  • Manual Tape Pulley-operated rolling shutters
  • Manual Tape Winder-operated rolling shutters
  • Manual Crank-Gear Assist operated rolling shutters

Please note: These stops should not be installed on motorized applications, and can cause damage or harm to operators if this is done.

Motorized shutters have the option to either program the UPPER and LOWER limits with remote (on remote motors), or mechanical (on motor) limit-setting capabilities.

Essentially these Post-Stops act as the UPPER limits on a manual rolling shutter. If not installed you can damage the rolling shutter.


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