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3M Security Window Film

3M Security Window Film

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Protect your home and business with 3M security film!

Avoid the worries of broken window openings from violent weather or forced entry by adding a protective window laminate barrier of film to your residential or commercial windows.

Windows and glass is a potential weak link when it comes to securing your premises. This thin, clear and virtually invisible layer of 3M security window film is easily installed over your glass, keeping you safe and intruders out.

In the event of breakage, security window laminate will hold the glass together without shattering, making it hard for intruders to obtain unauthorized access to your premises.

By ensuring the glass breaks in a safe fashion, an application of security film also provides a safety solution by preventing broken glass falling in on itself and causing potential injury to those inside.

3M security window film is available for both internal and external installation, and can also be fitted in conjunction with other window films to deliver additional benefits as solar control, protection against glare and fading, and privacy. 

With our qualified and experienced installation technicians, we guarantee to deliver a secure solution and professional finish no matter the size, location or complexity of the application.

With a wide range of 3M security window films to choose from, our trained staff will help you make an informed choice, whilst samples will allow you to see how each security film performs in different circumstance.

For security window laminate advice, samples and a quick estimate for installation, contact us today!



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