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universal 90 degree hexagonal joint
universal 90 degree hex joint - crank handle
roll shutter crank handle
roll shutter crank handle mount holder

Universal 90 Degree Hex Drive & Crank Handle

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The 9/32" (7mm) hex drive is a direct fit in to Somfy CMO (Crank manual override) or gear assist shutters with a crank handle.

Universal 90 degree joint pivots to accommodate any approach angle.

A simple manual roll shutter alternative with a great security feature. You can lock the shutter from the axle with anti-push up mounts in a gear assist system. Combine it with a slim lock and you will have double the security!

When installing the crank handle to the exit make sure to fasten the universal collar securely to the adjacent structure.

To operate the system, insert the crank handle into the 90 degree joint pivot. Lock the handle in and crank the roll shutter to your desired position.

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