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Window Shutters

Why do you need Window Shutters?

Window shutters are window coverings that comprise of a hard frame with vertical rails and horizontal slats around the borders of the blinds. Exterior window shutters have served an imperative purpose for a very long time. Moreover storefront window shutters guard the owners from unwanted guests, intruders and animals. These window shutters offer privacy and a great amount of insulation against severe winter weather and the heat from summer.

Our products serve both functionality and a visual aesthetic to any home or storefront. Many of us use this compact coiling system for covering doors, windows or other forms of openings. Window shutters are unlike typical plantation shutters, and have a coiling design that allows the window shutter curtain to roll up and over the opening instead of folding at the sides. Having this system on your storefront can prevent burglary, as criminals usually look for easy targets. Window shutters add a great layer of security, which will make them think twice!

These systems are exceedingly useful kind of protection for your windows. Security Shutter Ltd manufactures window shutters that offer cost effective, as well as being environmentally friendly. If this doesn’t convince you, then check out the following reasons:

Stylish and Versatile

Window shutters are exceptionally versatile and look contemporary or traditional contingent upon how and where you utilize them. It is an ultimate multitasking window-treatment designs that range from hybrid shutters to UV-resistant shutters. We provide elegant and stylish solutions, guaranteed to survive intense heat, humidity and high-traffic areas.

Custom Looks

With a variety of slat sizes, you can accomplish diverse looks and designs. Smaller slat design is mostly preferred for smaller windows and look more customary. On the contrary, larger slats are recommended for larger windows and openings. Moreover, it has an added benefit of offering more privacy and a pleasing aesthetic versus security bars or grills.

Level Of Privacy

Window shutters provide a discrete level of privacy within a sole panel. Offers great light control with the touch of a button. 

Easy To Clean

These systems are practically maintenance-free. Retailers or home owners can simply use a damp cloth from time to time and wipe off the dirt. Even grime and dust can be easily wiped off with a cloth or sprayed with a garden hose. Unlike other window coverings, you can clean it off without taking them down. A swift wipe down is all that you will require. These are different than mini blinds, making it easier to clean.


If you need a breeze of fresh air to cool you down, then this is  the right choice for you! These window shutters can be easily adjusted for maximum ventilation while maintaining a secure barrier from outside elements. It is an ideal choice for home and commercial space.

Ideal For Custom Windows and Odd Openings 

If your store has an odd-shaped window, then Security Shutters Ltd will provide tailor built systems for your space. We offer window shutters that are perfect for all types of windows and openings. These will also save you a tonne on your energy consumption, significantly decreasing bills! 

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