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We the North - Window Security and Window Protection in Canada

We the North - Window Security and Window Protection in Canada

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In what is one of the most Northern and remote locations in Canada we recently put in place some much needed window protection. This place is Grise Fiord, Nunavut. I use the words “window protection” instead of window security since this was not to keep those with malicious intent out; it was simply to protect windows from bored children.

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The population in Grise Fiord is roughly 150 people and as you can imagine there are not to many fun activities for youth to partake in. As kids naturally occupy themselves anywhere they live, in Grise Fiord they throw rocks, sometimes very large ones at windows. Many windows in the far north are covered by a sheet of plywood, which does not make a convenient window covering. 

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"One once of prevention is worth a pound of cure" as wise man once said. That's why when the Government of Nunavut embarked on building a new college at Grise Fiord they invested in roll shutters to protect their investment. 

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If you need to protect your investment, no matter where you're located our crew at Security Shutter Ltd can get there. We focus on getting there first, and getting the job complete on time and within budget.


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