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We the North - Window Protection in Canada

We the North - Window Protection in Canada

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In one of the most remote, northern locations in Canada, Security Shutter Ltd. recently installed some essential window protection. With a population of roughly 150 citizens, Grise Fiord, Nunavut is not a town often buzzing with excitement. In a isolated area with not a great amount of activity going on, bored children and teenagers must keep themselves entertained. You might wonder why this town doesn't invest in activities for its citizens? Because of the constant falling rock and avalanche potential, it is hard to have any growth in this area.

Unfortunately, kids often entertain themselves by throwing rocks at the windows of buildings, causing expensive damages for the town. Many building owners have taken it upon themselves to cover their building's windows with sheets of plywood, however, it just isn't enough to deter the children of Grise Fiord.

When the Government of Nunavut embarked on building a new college in Grise Fiord, they knew it was time to invest in some higher-quality window protection. After some research, they decided to invest in roller shutters to protect their new school. With the added protection of these shutter rolls, inhabitants of this northern Canadian town don't need to worry anymore about replacing the window glass. Those who are studying inside the college can learn stress-free knowing they are protected with added security.

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If you need added protection to your investment, our crew at Security Shutter Ltd. can help you out. Our shutter rolls are easy to install and will give you maximum window security. No matter where you are located, we focus on getting there first, getting the job completed on time and within budget.




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