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Why You Should Secure Your Pool House with Shutter Rolls this Winter

Securing Your Pool House with Shutter Rolls

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As summer draws to a close, the importance of winterizing your house becomes more and more of a priority. Leaving patio items outside during the harsh, cold winter can be detrimental and end up costing you hundreds of dollars to replace each season. Securing your pool house and winterizing your pool is another necessity that must be thought of at the end of each August. Although these tasks can be tedious and not something you look forward to doing, installing shutter rolls into your summer house can make this job fast and extremely effective.

By simply putting all your patio items into your pool house and bringing down your roller shutters with a push of a button, you are eliminating all extraneous energy you usually put into winterizing. You will no longer need to add mousetraps to your pool house nor will you need to board up your windows and doors. Security shutter rolls are a great addition to your investments.

With the installation of pool house roller shutters, you needn’t worry about any pesky insects or animals entering your summer house in the winter. Our heavy-duty aluminum shutters will not only secure your investment from creepy crawlers, but they will also deter any unwanted guests from entering your pool house. The constant worry of your pool house security will no longer be nagging you all winter long.

Here at Security Shutter Ltd., we offer a variety of systems that can suit the needs of your summer house. If you are concerned about intruders gaining access to your pool house during the winter, we would highly recommend the EF-2 system. This system is engineered for maximum security to keeping intruders out. If the effects of winter weather are more of a concern of yours, the EF-1 Safe Roll Shutter System is the one for you. These roller shutters are designed for extreme weather conditions and will keep your valuables stored safely in your pool house.

(Pictured above is a section of the EF-2 Defender Roll Shutter System.)

(Pictured above is a section of the EF-1 Safe Roll Shutter System.)


We also offer stylish roll-up shutters to suit the look of your summer house. With the colour selection of either white, beige, brown, or silver, you can make sure that any security roller sheets you select will look great with your investment!

We invite you to contact us anytime with questions about our shutter rolls. Whether it be questions about how they are designed or if they will fit your pool house, we have all the answers. Our staff will be there for you step-by-step during the entire process to guarantee your satisfaction.




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