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Which control is right for my roll shutter system?


For the average person, roll shutters always seem like a complicated product but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few visual descriptions and explanations, you can be a pro at roll shutters! Here at Security Shutter Ltd., we want you to thoroughly understand roll shutters so you know what you’re investing your money in. 

In this blog, we’ll be going through the types of controls that are ideal for motorized operation security shutters. 

For the motorized operation of a roller shutter, there are two types. 


    1. Standard (STD) Motor

Somfy standard 4-wire tubular motor is an ideal choice for new construction projects where you still have access to the inside of the wall and hard-wired switch control is preferred. 

All STD Motor controls come with a 5-year warranty. 


      2. RTS Motor

With a click of a button, you can have your shutters roll up or down! Radio technology tubular Somfy Altus RTS motors enable you to control roll shutters, roll-up doors, grilles, and many other security products with a remote or through a wifi app from anywhere in the world.

All RTS Motor controls come with a 5-year warranty. 


Types of STD Motors controls

  1. Momentary Paddle Switch


  Specially made for high foot traffic areas. 120V AC Somfy momentary paddle switch allows the motor to operate only when the paddle is pressed up or down. Installs flush within your current switch box. Trouble-free and durable control solution with simple and easy hookup. 


      2. Momentary Toggle Switch


  Just like the momentary paddle switch, the momentary toggle switch is made for high foot traffic areas. 120V AC Somfy momentary toggle switch allows the motor to operate only when the toggle is pressed up or down. Installs flush within your current switch box. Trouble-free and durable control solution with simple and easy hookup.
     3. Momentary Key Switch 

  Made of high-quality, corrosion-proof metal alloys with shrink resistant seals for a long-lasting and secure connection.

This sleek and low profile electrical momentary key switch allows for simple and easy hookup. Moreover, the electrical key switch is tamperproof and comes with 3 keys. Trouble-free and durable operation solution for your commercial enterprise. All of our products are UL & CE certified and built to last. 


Types of RTS Motors controls


    1. Key Fob (1 Channel) 


  Made with high quality metal design and a sliding cover to prevent inadvertent button operation, this key fob is the perfect compact control. It can operate in temperatures from -20° to 72°C, meaning whether you live in freezing Canada or sweltering Australia, you're good to go! With over 4.29 billion random code combinations, you know this is a secure control. Simply hang it on your keychain and take it everywhere you go!


    2. Somfy Smoove Button Remote (1 Channel)

 The Somfy Smoove™ RTS Remote control allows for super quick and simple installation. It is compatible with all Somfy RTS motors and includes batteries. The best thing about this remote is that no electrician is required to hook it up! Simply Plug & Play!


        3. Telis 1 Remote (1 Channel) RTS Pure

      A single channel handheld control that you can keep on a coffee table in your house and use at any time. The perfect control to open and close the shutter in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.                                                                     


        4. Telis 4 Remote (5 Channel) RTS Pure

    The Telis 4 Remote is similar to the Telis 1 Remote however, this control can have up to 5 channels. This is ideal in a residential property where you have several shutters installed. 


        5. Digital RTS Keypad Wireless Remote (2 Channel)

     The Digital RTS Keypad Wireless Remote is extremely easy to use. Enter your desired combination on the wireless keypad to activate. A great advantage of this keypad is that it is water resistant which comes in handy when you have harsh weather conditions like here in Canada. 

       6.  myLink Smartphone Wifi Remote Control
       The Somfy myLink™ RTS Smartphone and Tablet
    Interface is a WiFi to Radio Technology Somfy® bridge that can control RTS motorized products using the Somfy myLink apps for iOS and Android devices. Through the app, users can send immediate RTS commands, create Scenes (a group of motorized products working together) and Schedules (timed events). Users may access their myLinks from anywhere with the app’s remote access feature.

    If you still have any questions concerning roller shutter motorized controls, please contact us today! 





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