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The Rising Industry of Plexiglass : A Coronavirus Shield

The Rising Industry of Plexiglass: A Coronavirus Shield 


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Since March 2020, the word Covid-19 has been on everyone’s mind. It’s impacted our day to day lives in ways we never thought it could. Washing your hands constantly, social distancing, and wearing masks can keep the virus at bay but sometimes it's just not enough. With the rise of coronavirus came the rise of Covid-19 protection screens.

Living in today’s society, it's hard for people to stay at home and cease working. The need to fill our days doing something is strong as there are only so many shows on Netflix you can watch before boredom sets in. With lockdown being lifted here in Canada, our daily lives have resumed with some protectionary tweaks because we must definitely remain cautious and protect those around us. Going to any store you will see plexiglass being put between you, a customer, and the employee at the counter. This is used as a Covid-19 protection screen. Keep in mind it’s still deeply recommended that masks should be worn anytime you leave your house and that you maintain a distance of 6 feet between you and the person next to you. Unfortunately, at certain times it is not entirely possible to stay 6 feet away from the nearest person, for example, paying for your groceries or necessary items at the checkout counter. This is why plexiglass barriers are so vital to our communities right now. Not only are we seeing the use of plexiglass protecting us and workers at grocery and retail stores, but we are also seeing it in workplaces between desks, installed between booths at restaurants and even between sinks in public bathrooms. This may become the new norm.

For those who are unaware of what plexiglass really is, it is made via polymerization and consists of poly (methyl methacrylate). Also known as PMMA, it is a much cheaper alternative to glass by being shatterproof and thermoplastic. Being completely see-through and not easy to break, people have little problem replacing glass with plexiglass. Although it's been actively used since World War II, the demand for these Covid-19 barriers has never been so high. Certain businesses have even distributed plexiglass facemasks to employees who are consistently around customers throughout the day. These certain facemasks bode much better than regular fabric masks.

Businesses who actively use plexiglass barriers must still show some caution with them. Although they are quite helpful with stopping the spread of Covid-19, they still intercept respiratory droplets from employees and customers on either side. Due to this, these corona screens must be washed daily with soap and water. If the plexiglass is also being touched (handling cash or cards through the small glass opening) on either side, it will then need to be washed multiple times a day.

According to the manager of a plexiglass retailer in California, sales have been up by approximately 200% since this time last year. This is just one of the thousands of plexiglass retailers that are struggling to keep up with the sudden demand. All around the world, businesses and people alike have been trying to get their hands on these corona screens to help protect themselves and others while trying to continue their daily lives as normally as possible.

If you’re a business thinking of reopening in the near future during this pandemic, installing Covid-19 protection screens might be a good idea and vital to keeping your employees and customers safe. Here at Security Shutter Ltd., we offer high-quality plexiglass with the thickness of 1/8” manufactured by Optix. This plexiglass is durable and impact-resistant for prolonged use, meaning you will get your money’s worth without the worry of replacing it.   


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