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The Importance of 3M Security Film - Anti Shatter Glass

The Importance of 3M Security Film- Anti Shatter Glass

Are you tired of feeling an unease with leaving valuables at home unprotected? Are you possibly wanting to lower your utility bill by a significant amount? Are you scared of having seismic activity ruin the windows and household items at your properties? Having the added layer of 3M security window film installed in your properties’ windows might be the solution to your problems.  

Glass windows and doors are the most targeted areas on a property for those who wish to break-in, as they are the most vulnerable parts of a building. With the requirement of only a small amount of force, intruders can succeed at breaking these windows in no time. With a higher level of security like 3M security film, business and home intruders can be deterred for up to 2 minutes when trying to break in. As most break-ins take less than 10 minutes to accomplish, having this security film to slow down the intruder might just make them abandon their task or alert you of their presence. With the pairing of a home security system, chances of stopping the thief rise significantly.

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If impact does occur on this anti-shatter glass, the application of the security film causes the broken glass to stay together and stay safely within the frame. This provides a safety solution to oneself by preventing the glass from falling on them while also protecting whoever might be on the inside of the property. If there is a need to replace this film, simply do it for a fraction of the price rather than installing a brand-new window.

With regular glass windows, sunlight coming through windows can cause a house or building’s thermostat to rise. However, with 3M security window film, it can help reduce the indoor temperature in the direct sunlight by almost 5 degrees Celsius. That can save you from having to turn on your air conditioning and therefore save your electrical bill.

Another inconvenience of a glass window can be your gas bill in the cold, dreary winter months. Regular glass windows will let the cold into your property much more easily than with the added layer of 3M security window film. Built with virtually invisible insulation technology, it can retain heat and keep you and your home warmer in the winter. A steadier utility bill can keep you using your hard-earned money on more important things.

If you run a business that mostly runs on screens and monitors, you understand how annoying and tiresome sun glare can be. Having to constantly move around to be able to do your work can cause you to lose precious work time and put you behind on your goals. With the 3M security window film, window glare can be reduced significantly so you can get your work done efficiently and without any discomfort. Your completed to-do list at the end of the month will thank you profusely!

With natural disasters happening at any time without any prediction of when they could happen and how severe they can be, having proper glass window security would be ideal. With the effects of a disaster, not only are there the cost of normal windows to fix but there is also the cost of objects inside properties to consider. Having broken windows can lead to water or wind coming into your house or business and destroying anything from electronics to furniture. According to Insurance Information Institute, each year there is an average of $95 billion dollars in losses that are due to natural disasters. With the 3M security window film, you will be protected 24/7 against any situation that might come your way. As this anti-shatter glass has been tested against winds up to 170 miles per hour, you know you will have the security you deserve for your investments.

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If you need any advice on security window laminate, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for a quote. Our staff are highly experienced and will guide you to make the right choice for your investments.





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