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The Added Protection of Cannabis Security Cabinets

Looking for added protection for your cannabis dispensary?


According to Statistics Canada, about 50% of Canadians have used cannabis during their lifetime. Approximately 16% of Canadians have used cannabis in the past 3 months, whether that be for medical or recreational use. What makes the marijuana plant such a compelling drug for most people, is the variety of ways it can be used, for example, cannabis oil. This suggests that the marijuana industry is an exceedingly popular market in Canada.

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Owning a cannabis dispensary here in Canada can prove tricky, as they are a main target for thieves. Robbing these stores can be enticing, as they are usually overflowing with cash and have high-value items. Any marijuana products that thieves do get their hands on, can be sold for a profit to those who are underage or can be traded for different drugs.

All over the news, we are constantly seeing break-ins at cannabis stores, at almost the same rate as liquor stores. It has become very recommended that owners of these dispensaries have their staff trained for what to do in case of robberies occurring.

Although covering windows with shutter rolls can be one of many safety precautions that owners might take, it might not be enough to deter the robber. The majority of break-ins occur during the day as well. If an intruder does come in during the day, there will be almost nothing stopping him from attaining products from your store. Consider looking into having extra protection for your cannabis inventory. Cannabis security cabinets are a great solution and will be able to provide you with that extra security for you and your inventory.

Cannabis security cabinets will provide you with the highest protection necessary leaving you stress-free about your inventory. They are made durable to withstand any sort of rigorous activity and are long-lasting so that you don’t need to worry about replacing them often. Some owners are afraid of these cabinets being too bulky but on the contrary, they are spacious enough to allow you to utilize all your space. We can even manufacture these cabinets to fit the areas you need!

We recommend using our Security Roll Shutter System (EF-0). Engineered for maximum security, these security shutters will have no problem keeping intruders out. These roll-formed aluminum shutters come in a variety of colours that will help suit the look of your dispensary.

Security cabinets can also save you money if a break-in occurs. If an intruder does enter into your store, they will most likely break your glass cabinets to access cannabis products. The cost of replacing the damaged glass along with your inventory can cause your business hundreds of extra dollars. Knowing how break-resistant the cannabis security cabinets are, you needn’t worry about having to fix them. You will most definitely not have to worry about the missing product either.  

If you require further information concerning cannabis security cabinets, don’t hesitate to call our experienced staff. They will assist you and help your business remain protected against unwanted intruders.




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