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Side Folding Security Curtains

What exactly is a folding security curtain?

Folding curtains, otherwise known as aluminum grilles, are a great option for a solid security barrier while providing visual access. Folding closures are ideal for mall storefronts, service window openings, healthcare facilities, etc. 

If you have room on the side of your door for the curtain pocket, a side folding door is a great option for you (if you don’t, consider a roll shutter.) We have a variety of patterns, styles, materials and finishes available in all of our commercial side folding door series. 



Benefits of Folding Security Curtains

1. Unlike roller shutters that may need up to 10" of headroom, folding curtains only need a small amount of headroom - a 1 7/8″ high by 1 1/2″ wide track mounts to overhead structure to support these units.

2. You won't need to worry about tripping over parts of this folding curtain as no floor track is required!

3. As everything we do is custom, your size requirements will not be a problem. Each unit is built to opening sizes requirements. 

4. Folding security curtains are an economical and practical option as they require little to no maintenance. They are often a cheaper option when it comes to investing in a security solution. 



Have any more questions pertaining to folding security curtains? Contact us today! solutions@securityshutter.ca



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