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Server Room Security - ROLL SHUTTERS


Servers are essential to many businesses as it contains much of the infrastructure necessary to support computing network systems. All server room are protected digitally with passwords however, physical security is equally as important.


There are different levels of physically securing your server room. Consider the investment inside the server room; a small business with a single server might only need to secure the doorway of the room or closet. Larger companies with huge investments in servers, IT equipment, and sensitive data storage might want to spend more dollars fortifying the room.

By taking extra precaution with the addition of roll shutters on all doors, you can have the peace of mind that intruders will not be capable of hacking into your servers. 

Breathability is vital when it comes to server rooms. The heat generated by servers creates risk of a fire. This is why we recommend the Guard Series (S-1). This high security commercial grade roll shutter system has the option of small perforated slats. With these slats, air can flow from other rooms to bring down temperature inside the server room while maintaining extreme security.  


Guard Series - Small Perforation


 Have additional questions about server room security and if roll shutters are the way to go? Call or email us today! 

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