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School Shutter Roll Security

school security roll shutters


Too often enough, we hear about break-ins that occur in school facilities. These events do not only scare parents but also instill fear in the hearts of students. Understanding this, we can't stress enough the importance of providing a secure facility for these young learners. Steel gates and fencing is sometimes just not enough to protect school premises from unwanted intruders.

For this reason, many schools have signed up for surveillance systems. While cameras and alarms are definitely needed, physical security doors and roller shutters are also a must. Installing exterior shutter systems can add a layer of security that will help prevent thieves or unwanted guests. Intruders might just think twice prior to breaking into school premises.

Schools are legally bound for the safety and care of kids on-premises. This makes it essential to employ the right safety measures. Security roller shutters are the right choice to protect your school and its students from anyone wishing them harm.


For starters, these roller shutters are known as one of the best security systems for schools. We custom design roller shutters from very strong and durable aluminum, making them quite impenetrable. In addition, they are made with the highest quality which makes them a perfect thief deterrent.


Not only are they a deterrent for intruders, but they are also ideal for putting off vandals. As these shutter rolls do not provide easy access to cause havoc, you can assure yourself that everything will stay intact. This will especially prevent kids who are looking for some mischief and want to do some damage to the property. Having to repair broken glass windows is something you will never have to deal with again.

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Scraping paint off of windows and doors of your school can be quite the struggle. Having to use toxic, environmentally-harmful substances to wash off vandalism isn't something you should be doing in this day and age. This is why we offer anti-graffiti coatings so they can be easily cleaned and looking restored in no time.


Lastly, the student's safety at school is extremely critical. We offer top quality products to suit your school's everyday needs. We can ensure safety at night as intruders will be incapable of passing through our shutter rolls unnoticed or without permission. 



Security Shutter Ltd. is one of the best shutter roll companies in Calgary. We deliver and install a vast range of school security window coverings, aluminum roll-up shutters, and roll-up doors.  Call one of our highly experienced staff for a quote today and you'll be one step closer to having a safe and secure school for your students.


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