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school security roll shutters


Almost every month we hear about a lot of break-ins that happen in school facilities. These events do not only scare parents but also instill fear in the students. Knowing this, we can't stress enough the importance of a providing a secure facility for students. In terms of access, steel gates or fencing is not enough to gain control of the premises.

Although it might seem hard to believe that schools can be a target of intruders, turning a blind eye will only make things worse.

For this purpose many schools have signed up for surveillance systems. While cameras and alarms are definitely needed, physical security doors and roller shutters are a must to discourage vandals. Therefore, installing exterior shutters can add a layer of security that will prevent thieves or unwanted guests. They will think twice prior to breaking in to the school premises.

Schools are legally bound for the safety and care of the kids on premises. So it is essential to employ the right safety measures. Even though there are several other options available for schools, roller shutters seem to be an affordable and feasible choice.


For starters, these window shutters are known as the best security system for schools. We custom build roller shutters from very strong and durable steel and aluminum. This feature makes it almost impenetrable. In addition, internals are of very high quality which makes them a perfect thief deterrent.


Speaking of deterrents, they are ideal for putting off vandals. As it does not provide an easy access to cause havoc, you can assure yourself that everything will stay intact. This will especially prevent kids who are looking for some mischief and want to damage the property.


Why would you struggle to physically scrape paint of windows or doors when you can simply wash it off with water? We offer anti-graffiti coatings so they can be easily cleaned and looking brand new in no time. Besides, installing these is a great solution for securing windows from damages. For service you can remove the parts easily and replace them with original seamlessly if need be.


Lastly, kids' safety at school is very critical. We offer top quality products to suit your every day needs. You can ensure safety at night as nobody will be able to pass through them unnoticed or without permission. Security Shutter Ltd is one of the best security door companies in Calgary. We deliver and install a vast range of school security window coverings, steel roll up shutters, and roll up doors

Why spend extra on unexpected damages?

We have helped to secure and protect both the inside and outside of schools for over a decade. Moreover, these savvy security systems provide a great insulation for both large and small schools. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Roller shutters are a very cost-effective method to saving you money in the long term.


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