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Roll Up Shed Doors

Are you looking to secure your shed?

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If you place valuable items in the shed, then you definitely need a door that will withstand harsh conditions or possible break-ins. House roller shutters come in handy in situations where you want to protect your shed from unwanted visitors.

roll up shed doors

What are Roll-Up Doors?

Roll shutters might just be the best compact security solution for your space. Most people have seen some type of roll-up security doors on houses or retail stores. These metal shutters are made of strong and durable materials to securely protect and last you a lifetime. They keep the opening clear of obstructions and compact as possible when the roller doors coil up at the top of the opening. This allows for maximum space for your storage needs.

Why roll up shed doors?

Roller doors are manufactured in Calgary and are available at Security Shutter Ltd. It is the best space-saving and useful method to gain entrance in a tool shed.

These roller doors are your best bet if a sliding or swing door is not feasible. Moreover, compared to other alternatives, these exterior shutters provide an adequate amount of security and insulation to your storage space. In addition, the rolling shutter allows you to open the door without the hassle of holding it open. This will make it easy for you to move heavy machinery in and out of your shed if need be. You can trust our security doors to protect your valuables when you are away. Have the peace of mind you deserve.

What kind of roller door do I need?

We manufacture many types and designs of roll up shed doors. Anything from basic to the most advanced systems available on the market to date. When it comes to buying a roll up shed door, then Security Shutter Ltd is the place to shop. We provide the most appealing and secure solutions. These window shutters are mainly found in backyard sheds, storage facilities, mini-warehouses, or even at loading docks. They are made of numerous sections that are attached and they can be rolled up into the ceiling for your convenience.

Security Shutter Ltd offers a wide selection of roll-up garage doors that serve numerous purposes for a variety of opening configurations. We provide superior quality products that not only enhance your house but also cater to commercial or industrial areas. These wear-resistant compact doors allow you to store big equipment in your shed with ease rather than occupying space in the garage. Roll-up doors can also be utilized in the interior of your space to create partitions.

We custom build each and every one of these systems so that our clients can benefit from their versatility for decades. For instance, you can use these security doors to divide your shed, turning half into a cozy office and the other half for storage.


  • 39"×7-9’

    James M Gerety
  • 39 "× 7-9’

    James M Gerety
  • Need Top of Stairs. 39" W x 7’ . I do have 9’ RO. Looking for security when rented down stairs.

    James M Gerety
  • Looking for a roll up door for our basement gym 6’x 8’. thanks

  • Looking for rollup closure for bike shed. Either end-mounted (54" H x 36" W) OR side-mount (54" H x 72" W). **Also interested in any STANDARD sizes close to these dimensions. One-off wholesale pricing as well as quantity discounts if applicable.

    Marcus Brown

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