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Roll Shutters & Their Importance in Optical Stores

Roll Shutters in Optical Stores  


Owning your own business can be one of the best decisions of your life. Answering to yourself only, picking your own hours, and even being able to do everything in the ways you want are just some of the perks of owning your own business. However, owning your own business and inventory also comes with one major disadvantage. Owning a high-value inventory can often lead intruders and thieves to try to break-in and loot as much inventory as possible. 


The majority of break-ins today tend to be geared towards robbing liquor stores and cannabis dispensaries. Little it be known, as optical stores also have high-valued inventory, they have been frequently experiencing break-ins as well.


As the small business owner of Okotoks Eyecare, Mark Pitcher knew he needed to take important safety measures when it came to opening his new location. Mark Pitcher had us, Security Shutter Ltd. install roll shutters to ensure no intruder could ever gain access to his store and inventory. Having had installed our Guard Series as well as motorized operation, he can easily and efficiently protect his business.

For those who have high-value items in their store and are in need of maximum security, our Guard Series (S-1) is the way to go. The Guard Series contains a single wall extrusion with high-security end-retention, as the photo shows below. 


With the motorized operation of the roll shutters, any employee can easily have the shutters roll up every morning and then bring them down at night. In case of a power outage, adding the option of Crank Manual Override to the front door unit can help you can gain access to your store in the morning without losing an entire day of business. 


(Crank Manual Override 'CMO' hanging from the left side of door unit.)



If you are a new or existing business owner in need of trusted security, call Security Shutter Ltd. for a free quote today! (866) 765-5366 



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