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Roll Shutters For Schools

The purpose of a proper roll shutter is to provide physical protection, security and peace of mind for home and business owners, but did you know that schools can also benefit from them as well? What comes to mind when you think about school?

Books High stress

exams Maybe

a boring professor?

But have you ever thought about protection?

We recently installed our security roll shutters on a local kindergarten in Calgary, and not only is the premises more secure, it's also perfect for nap time. The roll down shutters create a dark room perfect for the kids to catch some z's at naptime.

school roll shutters

Securing a large building can be tricky, but having roll shutter protection on windows and doors is often enough to dissuade most would-be criminals entirely. And for those willing to press further, such a firm barrier would be too difficult to break through or force open before authorities arrive. Peace of mind is priceless.

Security Shutter offers a wide range of shutters that can be customized and fitted to any window or door frame, perfect for schools, colleges, academies, universities and any other education environments.

One more added bonus: Security roll shutters also provide great insulation for large schools and academies and are perhaps one the of the most cost-effective methods to saving money in the long term. By forming an tight barrier, our shutters allow for an excellent level of heat control that reduces the need for constant heating or air conditioning which can end up saving you a fortune on your energy bill!

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