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Alberta Vote vs. Impact

How we can impact our community.

Calgary Alberta Canada

It’s nearly time to cast your vote! With the spring Alberta election coming just around the corner I seem to have more questions than answers. Reflecting on the last few years of politics in Alberta does not seem to help me know which direction to go. Or for that matter make it obvious as to where the “right” direction would be. What choice do I make? Who do I support, and how will they support my community? What kind of impact will my vote really have?

The more I ponder these questions the more I realize the effects of my own decisions on the community. Voting once at every election has nowhere the impact in comparison to my daily actions. Aligning my actions with the values that are represented in the party I vote for is a must! When I make the decision I will follow through with those values, that makes an impact. If everyone did their share in supporting their neighbours then we could guarantee everyone’s security.

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