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Residential Shutter Rolls & Their Advantages


Here at Security Shutter Ltd., we offer a variety of attractive shutter rolls to suit the needs and the look of your home. From basic window and door security to pool house roll-up shutters, we have everything that you could possibly need to ensure the comfort and efficiency of your property.


Window & Door Roll Shutters

Our heavy-duty, roll-formed window shutters are a great way to combat anything from intruders to high utility bills. As windows are the weakest part of a house, having secure shutters installed will keep you and your family safe from any unwanted guests. Designed with insulating polyurethane foam, these roll-up shutters can keep you cool in the hot summer months and warm in the winter. The insulating foam also aids in noise-proofing external sounds. If you live on a busy street, these window shutter rolls with be extremely beneficial to you.

Having a shutter roll instead of a regular door can also give you some extra protection. For homeowners who are often away from their homes, installing a shutter roll comes highly recommended. Every time you lock up the house before a trip, you can leave stress-free without any worry of a security breach.


Roll-Up Garage Doors

Another shutter roll you may want to consider is a roll-up garage door. These garage doors come in handy for securing the safety of your vehicles and other items stored in your garage. If you live in an area that can have extreme weather conditions, our roll-up garage doors are right for you. With the help of its weather-sealing capabilities, we can make sure that no amount of hail or rain will make it past these doors.  

Pool House Shutters

In colder climates, winterizing your house is a must. If you have a pool house, you know how important it is to secure it and get it ready for winter. Instead of putting up wooden boards and placing mouse traps, consider installing shutter rolls. Having shutter rolls in your pool house can keep any intruder out, whether it be a small, furry one trying to find a home for the winter or a person looking to find some unsecured items.

Patio Roller Shutters

It is quite normal for patios to be surrounded by glass, making it easy to gain access to unwelcomed guests. Patios surrounded by glass can also cause a lack of privacy for you and your family. Although patios are a wanted feature for home buyers, they are not always the most safe. By installing roller shutters, you can guarantee the protection of your home while maintaining the privacy you deserve. Simply roll up these shutters with your smartphone when you wish to embrace the greenery of your back yard and roll them back down when you are done for the day.



Thinking of selling your home?

Another advantage of installing residential shutter rolls is that they can help increase the market value of your home. Having shutter rolls already installed means that the property is secured from intruders and protected from any harsh weather conditions. This makes your home extremely attractive to home buyers. If you are thinking of selling your house and moving in the near future, consider adding roll-up shutters to your investment.


There is absolutely no disadvantage to installing shutter rolls on your residential property. You will be keeping intruders out of your home, your utility bill will be much cheaper, and your house will increase in market value. Call us today for a quote and we can get you started on a more efficient and comfortable home.






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