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All we can do to stay protected: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Suspending Cash Orders

We will be suspending the cash payment option for all orders. Contactless payment options allow all users to reduce contact with surfaces known to aid in the spread of COVID-19.

World Health Organization advises us to implement basic protective measures and stay alert. 

  • Avoid public places
  • Keep social distance
  • Withhold from any unnecessary travel
  • Regularly wash hands and use hand sanitizer

The health and safety of our customers is of the utmost priority. With the ongoing news of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada, Security Shutter is taking additional precautions across our network in addition to the recommendations and guidelines set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of Canada.

As we all know, the world is becoming increasingly concerned about the Corona Virus that sprung up a few months ago and has now spread around the world. To date, Alberta is in pretty good shape, with 56 cases reported and so far all are travel related, with no communal transmission yet.

I emphasize yet as that could very well change as the situation is updated on a daily basis.

  •  It sounds superficial but studies have shown that regular hand-washing can reduce your likelihood of acquiring any virus by up to 70%. Wash thoroughly at least every couple hours. If washing in a public rest room, be mindful of that door handle on the way out the door!
  • Avoid touching the T Zone on your face (eyes, nose and mouth) as much as possible. We touch our faces many times an hour without thinking about it so this takes some concerted effort.
  • Avoid hand shakes, hugging, etc.
  • For couriers and front line staff-ask the customer to use their own pen when possible to sign for a delivery. Hold the hand-held out for them without letting them touch the unit. They will also appreciate your effort!
  • If anyone is aware of an employee who has left the country and has recently returned, or if one of their family members has returned recently, we need to ensure that person is extremely vigilant of the potential infection from foreign airports and is taking steps to ensure they are healthy and have not become a carrier. There’s no need to ostracize anyone, just ensure they are vigilant and complying with the above measures. 

If corona virus continues to spread throughout the world, you may find yourself in a situation that will require severe security measures to keep you and your family protected. You may consider installing security shutters on your home or place of business. 

Are you doing all you can? Help prevent the spread.

The measures we take should prevent the virus, however it should not quarantine our spirits.

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