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Cannabis Store Security with Roll Shutters

Why Cannabis Stores Chose Roll Shutters?

Running a medical cannabis business is a sensitive and risky operation. Constantly fluctuating market, new provincial legislations and obscene amount of demand make it difficult to run things safely and smoothly. 

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, marijuana dispensaries are now unfortunately the prime target for thieves, burglars and vandals. Not only do retail stores carry a highly desirable product, but often have large amounts of cash and other assets on-site. Dispensaries selling cannabis require specific physical security features to protect the public, store's inventory and funds kept on site. 

AGLC or the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has enforced security regulations that any legally operating liquor or cannabis business must comply with. In 99.9% of cases, a retail cannabis store licence will not be issued to an applicant who has not met the physical security requirements for the premises. Furthermore, there may be penalties for not complying with the regulations. You can read more about the requirements here

Since the industry is growing rapidly, it is essential to take the necessary steps to protect and secure your establishment.

This is why security companies must heavily monitor cannabis businesses in contrast to other ventures. Amid the limelight on the marijuana industry and the general monitoring systems of your products, it is imperative that you create a proper physical security barrier to keep your investments safe and intruders out.

Why should cannabis dispensaries have roll shutters?

The ultimate value of security roll shutters and roller doors is to reduce or completely eliminate crime. As break ins tend to de-legitimize the business and the cannabis industry as a whole.

Installing roll shutters is very cost effective in comparison to replacing broken glass, doors or even worse, stolen inventory. Our products will strengthen your store security and enable you to run your business without a worry. We can also help you eliminate the need for a security officer at the door, as you probably don't want them to diminish the ever so valuable consumer experience.

You can be assured that your product, clientele, and revenue will be protected. 

Approved security for cannabis store owners!

Our defender series roll shutters offer a great number of benefits and advantages to any store owner. They offer the most extensive and versatile security package acquirable on the market to date. Available in any RAL powder coat to perfectly match your storefront and also serve you as a valuable display of the brands you cater, products and store hours.

At Security Shutter, we are dedicated to give you the peace of mind you deserve!

We offer the best quality roll shutters for your commercial enterprise and we have a wide variety of compact opening solutions to suit your needs. Custom built to last, just for you.

Secure your property with style and give it the elegance it deserves! 

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