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Rolling shutters pose as one of the best security options. They are an extremely valuable addition to the security system of any property. Providing a secure barrier between the items in your store and the conceivable dangers that lie outside. For this and many other reasons, it is imperative to verify that your rolling shutters are working correctly and efficiently. 

What should you do if your house or storefront roll shutters are not working properly?

In most circumstances, it is in your best interest to call in professionals rather than attempting to do the roll shutter repair by yourself. This is imperative because there are hundreds of internal moving parts and there could be numerous things that could have gone wrong. We can save you a fortune and will be able to pinpoint the problem and fix it in no time! Especially if you do not have the correct tools or necessary experience to do the job safely and correctly. 

What could cause you roll shutter to malfunction?

Although most roll shutter manufacturers should make products that are built to last, some prefer to cut corners. Causing compounding problems and resulting in premature roller shutter failure. There are a few key factors to consider that can decrease the life span of your roller shutters.

For example

PVC curtain entry guides vs HDPE roller bearing guides:

Depending on your application, size and operation type. The roll shutter system may come with plastic entry guides instead of roller bearings which guide the curtain assembly into the guide rails.

For small applications which in most cases are residential windows, the entry guides can be made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These guides tend to weather fast, become brittle and eventually disintegrate into small pieces causing the shutter curtain to jam and potentially damaging the entire system. 

Now for a more durable approach, we use high density polyethylene (HDPE) roller bearing guides on large or commercial applications. They are mounted in the same position but provide an easier entry angle for the curtain. Preventing the curtain assembly from scratching and making the system last 3-5 times longer. Small but very vital part of the roll shutter system.

Axle bushings instead of sealed ball bearings:

Most old roller shutters have plastic bushing inserts that wear and become loose overtime. This causes the curtain slats to unevenly roll within the hood assembly and creates unnecessary stress on the motor, spring or tape pull operator. 

Properly installed ball bearings will perform flawlessly for several decades before needing a replacement. They reduce axle friction and make your motor last.

Thin axle not meant to carry the weight of the roller shutter:

Some roll shutters that we have repaired in the past had a bowed out axle problem. Simply because the weight of the curtain assembly was greater than the axle could withstand. This causes the motor, bearings and guides to overheat and fail prematurely. 

Incorrect configuration for the application:

For the shutter system to function as intended, all moving and non moving roll shutter parts have to be designed to carry the weight and stress that the system may incur. So every part plays a major role in the operation and durability of the roller shutter. We manufacture, test and ensure that our security shutter systems will keep your business or home protected and your mind at ease.

Bent or misaligned internal parts:

In most cases when internal roll shutter components bind, there will be some irreversible mechanical damage. Nothing to worry about if you service the roller shutter right away. However if neglected, these damages can severely wreck the entire system if the broken components are not replaced immediately.

Incorrect operator type for the application:

With so many roller shutter operator options available on the market today, you may be left wandering. Which type is the best for me? 

It's good to consider the following factors. How many times a day you are going to open and close the shutters? Is your area often subject to regular power outages? What level of security do you need the roll shutters to serve you? How many people will require secure access? What weather conditions will the roll shutters be installed in?

Our team at Security Shutter Ltd will guide you through all possible benefits or disadvantages. We guarantee to assist you in choosing the right manual or motorized method of control for your application.

Incorrect shutter installation:

Most problems originate from incorrect installation or incorrect parts used to service the system. First step would be to make sure that the axle and guide rails are plumb. Secondly check if the assembly is kinking or bending over any protrusions on the adjacent mounting surface. Lastly ensure all fasteners are secure and all moving parts are lightly lubricated.

Galvanic corrosion:

If the roll shutter is installed outside and is constantly faced with severe weather conditions, you must ensure that the hood assembly is water tight. This will prevent internals from galvanic corrosion and prolong the operator lifetime.

Snow & Ice

Winter always tests our products to the limits. Our products are designed to be frost proof so that the roller shutter slats will not stick together when coiled into the hood assembly. The powder coating treatment does add additional non-stick properties to the roll shutter system.

Now heavy or wet snow fall may impose some difficulties. In some cases it is still essential to clean any snow debris that may be attached to the system. In doing so, you will prevent over expansion of the curtain slats within the hood assembly and any possible damage. 

User error:

Ensure that there is nothing obstructing the opening which the roll shutter may collide with. Our systems are very user friendly. Therefore, the only chance for the system to malfunction is for the user to close the roll shutter on an obstructing object. Causing either the shutter to stop or bunch up with the hood assembly. Please be aware that if you did not request photo eye sensors for your setup, the shutter will not stop if you pass underneath. Be careful as some of these security doors are extremely heavy.


Preventative maintenance is easy, cheap and will make your system last for decades. If possible use the power washer to get all the gunk and grime out. Do not spray the tubular motor directly to avoid damage. Clear debris and lubricate the guide rails with dry graphite or lithium grease occasionally to ensure smooth and trouble free operation. 

Loss of weather seal:

It is at most importance that the perimeter seal stays intact, especially if the roll shutter is exposed to severe weather conditions. This will prevent the shutter from sticking and ensure that most elements will stay outside of vulnerable areas. 

Wiring and electrical connections:

We highly recommend for our technicians to carry out all of the connections to avoid any possible control or motor damages. If that is not a viable option for you, please have a certified journeyman electrician with overhead door or roller shutter experience carry out the connections. This should ensure correct, weatherproof and lifetime connections. All of our electrical components come with a 5 year warranty if installed by a Security Shutter Ltd technician.



Whether you have manual or electric roller shutters, you should take necessary preventative steps every year to keep your roll shutter security system operating smoothly and trouble free. No project is too big or too small for us. Inquire about your roll shutter project today! 

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