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How security shutters add peace of mind to your space in Calgary, AB

No time for down time. A liquor store owner’s best friend.

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We recently installed security roll shutters with our team at a liquor store in downtown Calgary. Owner’s main concern was to avoid his valuable inventory from being seen through the glass storefront of his new location. So much so that he advised his supplier not to deliver any such inventory until after the roll shutters were in and functional. The reasons for his concerns soon became clear. From the many passers in the front of the building, and the characters wandering the alley in the back of the building.

I asked myself, what would it mean for this small business owner to be a victim of burglary? Not only the initial shock and disappointment of the act, but the unnecessary time and money spent on recovering inventory. It is much more cost effective to take preventative measure than dealing with the aftermath caused by the criminals. No doubt, security roll shutters will help deter intruders and protect this person’s livelihood. Hence, customer appreciates it and turns to face you with the most kindred of smiles. Reaches to shake your hand and thanks you for a job well done. Amazing to see how security shutters added tremendous value on many levels of this family's business.

Certainly, for our team at Security Shutter, that is job satisfaction.

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