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How Security Shutters Add Peace of Mind

Shutter Rolls: A liquor store owner’s best friend.


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Liquor stores are extremely targeted by thieves wishing to break into somewhere to steal money or goods. Protection against this distasteful act is a must to keep you and your store safe from theft.


Recently, we installed security roll shutters with our team at a liquor store in downtown Calgary. The main concern of the owner was to avoid his valuable inventory from being seen through the glass storefront of his new location. His concern was so deep that he advised his liquor supplier to not deliver any inventory until after the roll shutters were in and functional. The reason for his concerns soon became clear. Daily, hundreds of passerby's would walk in front of his business. Any one of these people could easily identify something they want in the store and try to steal it. By eliminating the ability for people to see inside, he is also deterring any ideas of theft in a person's mind.

If someone were to rob a small business owner like this, what would be the effects of the robbery? Not only would there be the initial shock and disappointment of the act but also the unnecessary time and money spent on recovering inventory. It is much more cost-effective to take preventative measures than dealing with the aftermath caused by criminals. Security roll shutters will help deter intruders and protect these owner's livelihoods.

When the installation of our shutter rolls was complete, the owner was so grateful for our help. It was truly amazing to see how such a small task of installing roller shutters could make such a difference in someone's business.

Certainly, for our team at Security Shutter, this is job satisfaction.


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