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Creating a better night's sleep with roll shutters

Blackout roll shutters for sleep?

Getting a good night's sleep is easy with roll shutters. Sleep is just as important as eating a healthy diet and having regular exercise. The time you spend sleeping overnight is when your body repairs itself. Poor quality sleep = poor repair, and it's just harder to do every day tasks. Think of an old car that has never been repaired, driving down the road, it just looks and sounds rough! I'm sure we've all seen people who look like this too and maybe you're even thinking to yourself 'this sounds like me!'

As you experience high quality, deep, restorative sleep with blackout roll shutters a few really cool things happen:

-Your brain function improves
-Your muscles repair and recover from the days work
-It boosts your longevity
-Balances hormones
-Promotes healthy, youthful skin
-Protects your heart
-Fights fat

Just one night of good sleep can improve your ability to process better and learn skills by 20%.

Here's 5 tips to improve your sleep and some awesome benefits of roll shutters:

1. First of all take time to unwind at the end of the day for about 2 hours before bed and practice a relaxing bedtime ritual like taking a warm bath or shower, smelling essential oils, reading a book, or talking with a loved one. In other words it can be anything that helps you unwind, and relax.

2. Secondly reduce screen time – Blue light – the light coming from your smartphone, laptop and tablet screens is wrecking your sleep. For instance too much blue light disrupts the brain's production of melatonin – the hormone that tells your body its time snooze, and instead wakes you up and tells your body 'It's daytime! Let's go go go!'

3. Eliminate or reduce other blinking lights in your room because these also disrupt your melatonin production.

4. Sleep in a room blacked out with roll shutters and reduce sun or street light as well. Therefore It is best to sleep in a pitch black so your body can focus entirely on repairing and not on the distracting light that sends it into its daytime functions. And that is only a few of the ways how roll shutters can improve the way you sleep.

5. Most importantly reduce noise - Roll shutters eliminate street noise from the outside so your sleep doesn't get disrupted.

In conclusion Security Shutter can help you create the perfect sleep environment. Our roll shutters create the ideal 'blackout' room for optimal, deep sleep and our shutters also reduce street noise by up to 90%. You will sleep better than you have in years.

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