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Residential Fire-Rated Shutters

Fire-Rated Shutters

In the past few years, fire-rated shutter sales have skyrocketed due to localities instating new laws. These laws require tenants of buildings to install fire rated shutters in certain situations. The majority of buildings that require the installation of fire-rated shutters are those where the public is often found such as cafeterias and corridors. 

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These fire-resistant shutters are becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages they bring to the table. From reduced losses in case of fires to protecting employees and customers, fire rated shutters are a leading option to protection in a building. Here are 4 great benefits of installing fire-rated shutters to your investment.


1) Reduction of losses from fires. 

A study about fires and insurance claims was recently done by Hartford Insurance Company. This study found that damages and losses from fires can be the most expensive insurance claims. With the installation of fire-rated shutters, these shutters are designed to automatically close when they sense a fire. By immediately closing off sections of your building, these shutters will be protecting any type of inventory, furniture, and other valued items from fire. Chances of losing money from unforeseen fires are brought down significantly. 


2) Easy to use.

Unlike normal roll shutters that require manual operation to open and close, fire-rated shutters automatically activate when detecting heat, smoke or fire. Many other models are built to be wired into the building’s overall fire detection system and will activate when the fire alarm is activated. 


3) Maintaining the protection of people.

Another advantage of fire rated shutters is the capability it had to prevent fire passing through for up to 4 hours. This is twice as long as what regular fire curtains can offer. Having this extra time when needing to evacuate from a building that is on fire can not only save items from being damaged but also save the lives of many.


4) Intruder protection.

As fire-rated shutters are roll shutters with fire protection capabilities, they are also useful for keeping intruders out of your investments. Thieves seeking access to items in your home or business will be easily deterred by the shutters, mentally and physically. Knowing they can’t possibly break into your home without great amounts of effort, they will leave, keeping you and your more expensive items safe. 

If you are browsing the internet, searching for roll shutters to install for the purpose of protecting your investment, consider looking into fire-rated shutters. Here at Security Shutter Ltd., we offer fire rated shutters with protection ratings of 45 minutes, 90 minutes, 3 hours, or even 4 hours. You can trust us and our fire-rated shutters to help protect your valued items.


Rating is determined in accordance with CAN/ULC-S104 and installed in accordance with NFPA 80.


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  • Looking for a quote on a 1.5 FR roller door. Has to be a min 54" wide and 84" high. Non powered.

  • I have a window 45”H x 58”W that requires a fire shutter. Can I get an approximate cost and installation time?



    Kip Reghenas
  • Hello,

    I am a builder in Calgary Alberta and I have a residential project that requires 2 windows to have fire shutters, do you have a distributor here in Calgary? Are you able to accommodate me for my project? If so I can send you a plan of the area that requires fire shutters and we can work on a plan and explore all options etc.

    Thank you

    Gene Threadkell
  • We are looking for a fire shutter for one of our windows. The rough opening is 61″ × 61″. Can you provide a quote?
    Thank you

    Dave and Jackie Bowes

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