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Benefits of Bear Shutters: Protection from Bears & Keeping Your Cabin Safe

Benefits of Bear Shutters: Protection from Bears & Keeping Your Cabin Safe

When we think of a getaway to the great outdoors, we think fresh air, hikes and some quality family time. We expect beautiful skiing days on the snowy mountains of Alaska or gondola rides in the Canadian Rockies. We anticipate roasting s’mores and wieners around the campfire while listening to stories from our friends. What we do not always think about are the realities of owning a cabin and the danger bears and wildlife pose to our vacation homes. Building your own wooden bear shutters might not be enough to keep bears from invading your cabin. However, installing shutter rolls or proper bear shutters in your cabin could make a big difference in the outcome of your future vacations.

When Bears Prepare For Winter (U.S. National Park Service)

Although they are interesting and curious animals, when hungry or bored, bears will wander around looking anywhere for food. Your unprotected cabin might be one of those places. According to CNN, on May 12, 2020, one black bear broke into someone’s cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and brought back it’s friends after finding loads of treats, snacks and even beer! Footage also shows that a locked door was no match for the bear. Now imagine how the situation would have ended if these cabin owners had installed bear shutters. The black bear would have been deterred as soon as it saw the high-end roll formed aluminum.

Bears are not the only ones looking to rummage around in cabins. Thieves especially like vacation homes as they know they are not being watched as much as regular houses. With ordinary doors and locks, people can easily kick in doors or break windows to enter the cabin. Shutter rolls are a great option when it comes to securing doors and windows. Not only do shutter rolls physically protect the cabin from being entered by unwanted guests, they mentally deter thieves by looking a lot more sturdier and difficult to break through.

With the added protection of our shutter rolls, you can lock up your cabin and leave stress free when you are not vacationing or when you are out for the afternoon for a round of golf. For your cabin’s protection, we would recommend the Protect Roll Shutter System (R-3). This system can protect your cabin from any intruder, bears and humans alike, while keeping you warm in the cold winter months and cool in the summer. Also, our shutter rolls are extremely easy to operate. Operation is electric and can be controlled by a remote or even your smartphone!

Although most understand that shutter rolls or bear shutters are an effective way to battle against petty thievery or bear break-ins, people can be concerned about pricing. We offer a fair way to protect your beloved cabin without breaking bank. Not only do we offer a reasonable price, shutter rolls are made to last must longer than regular doors and windows! Shutter rolls are definitely worth it in this regard.

Call us for a quote today and we can make sure that your cabin will remain protected and ready for your use whenever you’re ready for a vacation getaway!

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