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Advantages of Insulated Roll Up Garage Doors

Advantages of Insulated Roll Up Garage Doors


Home security is everything. Your home is your safe spot; a place where you can relax at the end of a long day and focus only on your family or yourself. It’s a shield from whatever is going on in the world. Sometimes, however, this shield can be broken down, letting unwanted guests enter your home or your garage. Most intruders like to target garages, as they often have little to no protection compared to houses. With only flimsy garage doors, trespassers can gain easy access to expensive items or tools stored in your workshop. If your garage is also attached to your house, garage break-ins can be even more detrimental to your security. With just one break-in occurring, your sanctuary is no longer an area you can trust. Thankfully, our roll-up garage doors can bring a solution to your unease.

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Not only do roll up sheets provide you with substantial protection, but they also offer a lot of other considerable aspects. From eliminating external noise to saving an abundance of space, roll up garage doors can do it all.

One of the most vital aspects of roll-up garage doors is their durability capabilities. With the effects of weather, most garage doors must be repainted and touched up almost yearly. Constantly having to repaint your doors can cost you hundreds of dollars in paint supplies over the years living in your home. With the roll-formed aluminum material, there will be little to no maintenance needing to be done to your garage doors. Only a wipe-down of your new workshop doors and a bit of oil for the hinges are enough to keep them working great! Even with the crazy weather conditions we can have here in Canada, no amount of hail or snow is too much for these heavy-duty roll-up garage doors.


(Pictured above is a section of our R-5 Roll-Up Garage Door System. It comes in either white, beige, silver, or brown. Contact us for more details.)


Living on a busy street or near factories can be tiresome. Having to constantly listen to the noise pollution coming from outside can make it difficult to properly relax when winding-down. Hearing police sirens in the distance can also make it difficult for your family to get their much-needed rest and can cause your dog to bark constantly. Overall, it is safe to say that most people would like peace and quiet when they are at home. With their impressive ability to reduce external noise, you needn’t worry about sirens waking up your sleeping children. What makes our roll-up sheets so effective at reducing noise is their sealing capabilities that don’t let anything from air to sound waves pass through. The insulation in the roll-up garage doors is created with polyurethane soft foam and can create a sound barrier for disruptions that are coming from outside.

Another advantage of our roll-up garage doors is the amount of space you can save in your workshop. Unlike most workshop doors that open inwards, these roll-up sheets simply roll up and into the ceiling. This will leave you with more space to complete the projects that your wife has been nagging you about for months.

Last but not least, the security aspect of these roll-up garage doors. Not only are they unyielding to break-ins, but they are also less susceptible to acts of vandalism as they are able to repel graffiti. These aluminum doors are also fire resistant causing less worry of any fires being started.

As a house owner, you should never have to be at unease about the security of your home. If roll-up aluminum doors sound like something you would like to invest in, call us for a quote today and we’ll help get you started.



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